• Feel

    Water-based lube has a more natural texture and feel, not to mention no sticky residue.

    In contrast, oil-based lubricants are more silky and luxurious feeling YES OB doubles as an excellent massage oil as well.

  • Compatibility

    If you intend to use condoms with lube, you need to avoid oil-based products and should look at YES WB. 

    You can use either YES OB or YES WB for compatibility with silicone toys. 

    But for water-play, you will need an oil base; YES OB is your best choice.

  • Application type

    Choose between a tubes which dispense the amount you want, and apply by hand.  Or an applicator which applies upto 5ml internally.

    Both YES WB and YES OB are available in a tube or a vaginal applicator for internal use.  

  • Where you use it

    Did you know the vagina and the anus have different pH levels? So we knew we needed a dedicated anal lubricant, and YES BUT was born!

    YES WB and OB are pH matched to the vagina

    YES BUT is pH matched to the anus