Menopause and vaginal dryness: How YES can help!

Menopause and vaginal dryness: How YES can help!

Millions of women around the world experience vaginal dryness, which is a common symptom of menopause. Over half of post-menopausal women aged between 51 and 60 are affected by it (1). Oestrogen is the hormone that helps maintain the lubrication, elasticity, and thickness of the vagina. The natural decline of oestrogen during menopause can cause vaginal dryness, which can be painful, uncomfortable, and sore.

Vaginal dryness can happen at any time, but it is very common during perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. If you experience discomfort during sexual intercourse, itching, soreness, burning in or around your vagina, or frequent urination, you may be experiencing symptoms of vaginal dryness.

Fortunately, there are many ways and remedies to treat menopause vaginal dryness, including using non-hormonal lubricants and moisturisers. All YES products are glycerine, paraben, and hormone-free.

For more severe cases of vaginal dryness, which is usually referred to as vaginal atrophy, it may be necessary to talk to a GP about vaginal oestrogen products, which are only available on prescription.


Our natural solutions for menopause dryness relief

YES water-based lubricants

When the vagina lacks natural lubrication, it can become delicate and prone to dryness. Dryness, discomfort, friction, and pain during sex are typical symptoms experienced during and after menopause, but they can be easily treated.

YES WB is a water-based intimate lubricant that feels authentic, extremely moisturizing, and delicate. With a pH-balanced recipe and organic components, YES WB offers safe lubrication and rapid relief from vaginal dryness.

YES WB product range

Our water-based lubricant has no smell, no taste, and no stickiness leaving skin feeling clean and residue-free. 


How to use YES water-based lubricants

The YES WB water-based lubricant is specifically formulated to quickly alleviate vaginal dryness, while also enhancing sensitivity and pleasure during sexual activity. It's easy to apply with the fingers and provides optimal hydration to reduce discomfort and pain during sex.

Whether used alone or with a partner, YES WB is a safe and suitable option that can be used to enhance sexual pleasure and comfort.


YES vaginal moisturisers

During menopause, the decline in oestrogen levels can cause vaginal tissue to become dry, leading to discomfort, burning, and pain that can affect sexual activity and everyday life. Vaginal examinations or cervical screening (smear test) may also become intensely uncomfortable. For some women, this is the first time they discover that they are experiencing vaginal dryness.

To help alleviate these symptoms, YES VM is a long-lasting vaginal moisturizing gel that replicates the natural vaginal environment. It is designed to provide gentle and soothing hydration to the vagina as a part of a self-care routine.

YES VM product

How to use YES vaginal moisturiser and how often to apply

When experiencing vaginal dryness, YES VM provides long-lasting relief by moisturizing and soothing dry and sensitive vaginal tissues. Its unique formulation is designed to replicate the typical vaginal environment, allowing for natural moisture release to restore and maintain vaginal health.

Using your fingers, apply YES VM to the outer and inner intimate areas for up to three days of relief. Its natural ingredients make it safe for daily use with no dosage concerns. Apply as much as you need for comfort to achieve the best results.


YES VM applicators

You can also find YES VM in pre-filled applicators that guarantee the perfect dosage and deliver the product exactly where it is needed. Our packaging is discreet and allows for a hygienic application, whether you are at home or on the go. With the same effective formula as our tube formulations, our pre-filled applicators provide immediate relief from discomfort, itching, and soreness.

YES VM applicators

How to use YES VM applicators

To alleviate vaginal dryness, use the applicator to apply the vaginal moisturiser to the affected area as needed. YES VM is gentle and safe for daily use and provides long-lasting relief from dryness when used frequently.

For optimal results, apply YES VM daily and gradually decrease the frequency to once every three days to maintain vaginal health. With YES VM and YES WB, you can soothe and rehydrate dry vaginal tissues and enhance sexual pleasure and sensitivity.



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