YES Values

People: Be kind to humans

  • Ethical trade
  • Human rights
  • Suppliers’ ethics
  • Product development
  • Honest communication
  • Body burden

People: Care for animals

  • No to animal testing
  • No animal body parts

Plants: Nurture nature

  • Certified organic sourcing
  • Source sustainable species
  • Source fairly traded plants
  • Sing the plants’ stories

Planet: Revere the planet

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Waste, packaging, energy
  • Woodland trust support
  • Wood sourcing policy

Products: Profound purity

  • guaranteed purity
  • product policy
  • ingredients policy
  • chemicals never used

Be kind to humans

Yes is about making love not war and is committed to being an ethical company in all areas. We base all relevant policies and procedures on the basic human rights in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. And we mean all humans: our customers, our employees, our suppliers, the communities in which we operate and our stakeholders (even auditors). We make no political donations and neither will we have any involvement with companies involved in the arms trade.

Yes commitments:

 Ensure human rights standards are respected throughout our supply chain as well as at Yes HQ
 Listen to our customers and make products that will make a positive difference and further wellbeing
 Communicate / market Yes products without causing fear or leveraging insecurities.
 Involve our employees’ hearts and minds by values initiation, honouring diversity, and supporting working flexibility and personal development.
 Become more radical, communicate and educate about chemical body burden and Transdermal uptake

How we are delivering on our commitments:

 Supply chain questionnaires / data gathering started in 2008. We aim for all our suppliers to demonstrate compliance with the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code.
 Customer feedback continuously requested and acted on. We request feedback on products, performance and our customers’ needs
 Our marketing messages sell benefits and facts, not fear
 Feedback from the people who work in Yes confirms all five values
live and work for them too
 We are setting up a program to set targets, monitor performance to ensure we live our values as our business grows
 We are increasing the volume of our campaigning voice, via our website, about the implications of chemical body burden / dermal uptake / mucosa uptake

Nurture nature

Yes products are an environmentally responsible company – we feed our nature nurturing buds by ensuring we source sustainably grown and certified organic plants. We do not use wild crafted or endangered plants in our products. Further we love the pedigrees that many of our ingredients have, (Flax has been used for over 6000 years to heal skin) and actively search for plant ingredients that have proven beneficial actions. Occasionally some plant ingredients, such as Xanthan gum, are not available as certified organic. When this is the case we ensure no genetic modification has been employed and both the supplier and ingredient meet other agreed criteria.

Using and promoting certified organic products and ingredients is central to all our values.

Yes commitments:

 We use certified organic plant-based ingredients wherever available
 We never purchase wild crafted plants or plant extracts
 We never use genetically modified ingredients
 To look for Fair Trade sourcing alternatives to reinforce local investment and sustainability in the plants we love
 To sing about the miraculous plants we use in our products, and to tell their stories
 To shout about bogus or misleading plant and/or “natural” ingredients

How we are delivering on our commitments:

 In 2008 we started an investigation to determine how many of our ingredients can be sourced as Fair Trade, this continues
 We have never used wild crafted or endangered species
 Our sourcing policy confirms all the above commitments and our continued organic certification by the Soil Association demonstrates our adherence to it
 We already sing about flax on our website, more to follow
 We are outraged by the continued use of Grapefruit seed extract as a natural preservative – it is not – it is adulterated with parabens and other synthetic chemicals please read

Profound purity
Yes designs, formulates and creates products that as a minimum are certified organic, which guarantees their profound purity as well as all the other reasons why choosing certified organic is important.

Our products outperform their old style equivalents (where there are equivalents). Yes products treat our bodies and our minds with respect. We refuse to use any ingredient that has health concerns attached to it, further we refuse to use bad science. An example of bad science is using a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (typically 100% pure material) and saying that MSDS data is how the material will behave at 0.2% concentration.

Yes commits to making a difference:

 We want to screech about why certified organic is COMPLETELY different to saying organic ingredient(s). But we commit to educating everybody we can about this difference.
 Our products are created from a strict ingredients policy combined with requests from our customers (and a goodly piece of our formulation brilliance).
 We never use bad science to prove a point and we can decide never to use an ingredient based on our customers concerns even if it has not been conclusively proved to be detrimental, such as parabens.
 We create products that delight our customers and exceed their expectations
 We will continue to launch new products that meet our high standards and answer a demonstrated need

How we are delivering on our commitments:

 We have published our ingredients policy on our website from the day we launched – Aug 1st 2006,
 We are euphoric to make the first Certified Organic range of intimacy products, certified by the Soil Association (UK)
 We use packaging that minimises preservation requirements
 We publish our customer feedback
 Profoundly pure products can begin to change your world from the inside
 Yes is a signatory to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics